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~First Meeting~ by jackiehorse
~First Meeting~
The young filly pranced through the snow covered trees, grinning from ear-to-ear. This was Bell's favorite season - actually, the only season she's ever seen - winter! Her powers were of ice, so this was basically her own palace.

Bell knew that her mother would be upset with her for running off, but who cares? This was her time for herself, not to be bossed around by her elder. She looked over at a more quiet clearing, as the snowflakes started to fall lightly. Bell heard her mother's voice in her head - Don't go anywhere that you do not recognize! Do not leave my side! - but, of course, she ignored it and trotted right into it. 

But she stopped suddenly. For another horse was here. There! In the center of the clearing, was a small foal about her age shivering in fright, or cold, Bell couldn't tell which one it was. He was different then other horses she had seen before.

First of all, he had a horn sticking out of his head. Even though he was facing away from her, she could still see it peeking over his head. He also had many strangely colored stripes on his body, and when she called out a greeting, she saw his glowing white eyes seem to penetrate her soul when he turned his head.

"Who a-are you?" he called out, his legs trembling. 

"I'm Bell!" the filly called out confidently, cantering right over to him. She skidded to a stop in front of him, and he gave out a yelp, and fell onto his rump. She leaned over him. "Why are you here?" she asked, her gaze not leaving his eyes. He awkwardly clambered to his feet, and took a few steps back.

"I-I don't really know." he muttered, looking at the ground. "I guess I'm lost..." Bell snorted. 

"Really? I never get lost." she said proudly. "What's your name?"

The foal shrugged. "Just... uh... call me Karmus." he said, looking back up at her. 

Featuring Silver Bells and Karmus.
~Silver Bells~ reference by jackiehorse
~Silver Bells~ reference
Name: Silver Bells
Nickname: Bell
Gender: Female
Age: 12
Breed/species: Otherworldly elemental x quarter horse
Personality: Outgoing, energetic, brave.
Quirks: She is deathly afraid of caves and the things that lurk in them. She turns any water she touches into ice, so instead of drinking water, she eats ice cubes that she creates, and due to her being half natural horse, her stomach melts it. :3 
Markings info: Her markings are the color of ice, and she has a blue natural dip-dyed tail, and her hooves are blue as well. 
Powers: Ice, she can create small structures out of it, and whatever water she touches turns into it. If she is drinking from a lake, only the water about 20 feet around her will be frozen. 

Short History/storyline:
Bell was born in the same herd as Karmus, but instead of being outcasted, she was hidden by her mother, who pretended she had been born dead. She grew up with Karmus, who became her best friend. Her mother took care of them both as her own, and now they are setting off together as a family, away from their old herd.

To any stallions. Cost is just a breeding picture. I will design the foal. I will also put the passable traits through a random generator, but you can choose the gender. Possibility for twins is 10%.

Passable traits:
Ice markings: 90%
Frost blue eyes: 60%
Blue hooves: 40%
Ice powers(limited): 80%
Ice powers(same as mother): 60%

Reference: dapple gray paint 5
~Karmus~ reference by jackiehorse
~Karmus~ reference

Name: Karmus

Gender: Male
Age: 12
Breed/species: Anglo-teke x Otherwordly unicorn
Personality: Quiet, friendly, smart.
Quirks: Slight anger issues, avoids others unless he can truly make sure they are trustworthy.
Markings info: Wherever he is grey, his stripes are black, and wherever he is dark grey, his stripes are blue. 
Powers: Control over light w/ his horn, (blasts to blind enemies, etc.) and a shadow form for quick travel. 

Short History/storyline:
Karmus was born in a small herd, and he was outcasted nearly right after he was born, due to his strange appearance. He has the power to control light around him, and also has a shadow form, where he sucks all the light out of himself for fast travel. (Basically, just a black shadow with glowing white eyes.) 

To any mares. Cost is just a breeding picture. I will design the foal. I will also put the passable traits through a random generator, but you can choose the gender. Possibility for twins is 10%.

Passable traits:
Horn: 40%
Stripes: 80%
Unusual colors: 95%
No pupil: 70%
Unusual markings: (like the dark grey part.) 85%
Control over light: 40%
Shadow form: 70%

Reference: dun akhal teke 1
Rex by jackiehorse
Yes, I know its terrible. :P I don't draw people much... :3

Gaining Sparrows

Sparrows, what are they?
Well, they are black bird feathers that are collected by the creation of art for your Sandler Horses. Basically, they are like kaaring points. (In a way)

If you have a Sandler horse, post a drawing of them at least once a year, or we will give you a warning. If you do not reply, we will take back your horse. If you give us a reply, we will give you two weeks to tell us if you want to keep your horse or not.

How Do I Get These?

You first create art of your horse. Your drawing skill level does not matter. Add up all the points for each picture. 

If commissioned or made by someone else, it is the same amount of points. 

Training Image (+2) All of these points only count if it is a training image. 
Fullbody (+2)
Halfbody (+1)
Headshot (+,5)
Detailed shading (+2)
Simple shading (+1)
No shading (+,50)
w/rider/handler (+1,5)
w/tack/halter (+1)
w/simple background (+1)
w/detailed background (+2)

Show Entry (+3)
Fullbody (+2)
Halfbody (+1)
Headshot (+,5)
Detailed shading (+2)
Simple shading (+1)
No shading (+,50)
w/rider/handler (+1,5)
w/tack/halter (+1)
w/simple background (+1)
w/detailed background (+2)
1st place (+5)
2nd place (+3)
3rd place (+2)
Any other placing (+,5)

Other Image (+1) Anything not a training image or show image, like breeding, field playing, etc.
Fullbody (+1,5)
Halfbody (+1)
Headshot (+,5)
Detailed shading (+2)
Simple shading (+1)
No shading (+,50)
w/tack/halter/blanket/etc. (+1)
w/simple background (+,5)
w/detailed background (+1)

Extra (You can also add these to your points)
Story over 200 words (+1)
Over 500 words (+3)
Over 1,000 words (+4,5)

Example point journal: Later
  • Mood: Joy
  • Listening to: Nothing
  • Reading: This page
  • Watching: The computer screen.
  • Playing: Nothin'
  • Eating: Nothin'
  • Drinking: Nothin'


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Hello, people! I am Jackie! :D I love Horses, Danny Phantom, Gravity Falls, TAWOG, Teen Titans, Steven Universe, Adventure Time, dragons, and dinosaurs.

Also, if you know any good DP or AT fanfiction stories, send me a note!

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